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Sync Across Your Devices

Sometimes you want your task list to be on your smart phone, so you can see it when you are out and about, or in a meeting. Other times you want it to be on your Mac or PC. Or maybe on an iPad or Android tablet.

TaskAngel manages the same to-do list across all your devices, and keeps them all in sync.

TaskAngel will sync your to-do list across all your devices

In TaskAngel Online, all your tasks are held in a secure database, available to you anywhere. When you make a change to a task, it is immediately saved back to the hub. Then it's visible to TaskAngel on all your devices.

In TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad, you can choose to keep your tasks in Toodledo or in TaskAngel Online, or in your iCloud. In TaskAngel for Windows, your tasks are held in the Toodledo task management service. TaskAngel regularly syncs with Toodledo to keep them both in step.

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