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TaskAngel Online 

To-do List for Everyone, Everywhere.

Get More Done in Half The Time.

TaskAngel Online


TaskAngel Online is a new version of TaskAngel To-do List. It's a brand new design, completely rewritten to be your constant companion on whatever devices you have to hand.

TaskAngel Online has its own global database to keep your tasks and notes safe and secure, and to keep all your devices up to date. Previous versions of TaskAngel have all relied on services like Toodledo or iCloud to act as storage hubs. But TaskAngel Online is not dependent on those services.

For a 7-day free trial, please register. You will love it!

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How Can It Help Me?

At work, are you overloaded? Do you sit at home in the evenings working on stuff you should have done during the day? Do you feel that you aren't really getting anywhere?

At home, are you rushed off your feet, failing to get everything done before the afternoon school run? Do your friends all seem to have time for fun, when you don't?

Are your emails a nightmare, full of people asking you to do things you haven't got time for? And telling you things you didn't want to know?

You need a time management system. These systems give you new ways of working.  They make you spend your time on things that are really going to move things forward. They stop you wasting your time on things that ultimately don't matter.

TaskAngel Online has special features that help with the MYN Time Management System. Have a look at this article: The Power Of Now - How to make the perfect to do list in one minute.

TaskAngel is a wonderful tool to build your to-do list and manage it effectively to save yourself time and get more done. It's the perfect companion to a time management system.

Give it a try. Feel the burden lift from your shoulders. Make the stress go away.

What does it cost?


You can download and try TaskAngel Online at no cost for 7 days. This free trial really is free. We don't collect any payment details from you until your free trial is over. At any time, you can cancel the free trial and remove all of your information from TaskAngel Online.

After the free trial, if you want to continue using TaskAngel Online, you have to pay a subscription at a cost of just $2 US dollars per month. It's your contribution to our continued development of new features. Your subscription is payable monthly and you can cancel it at any time.

How does it work?


TaskAngel Online is a Progressive Web Application. This is a new technology that is supported by all modern web browsers. We recommend Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Please don't try to use Internet Explorer. On Windows you have to use Edge or Chrome.

To get TaskAngel Online, just click on the 'Start Free Trial' button on this page. The browser downloads and hosts TaskAngel Online on your device. What you see is an app that looks and feels just like a native app on your device. 

You can use any device that can run one of the recommended browsers listed. The technology is new, so please make sure your device is fast enough to run it well. The speed of your internet connection will also play its part. You can use the free trial to check everything out and make sure TaskAngel is right for you.

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Keeping Up To Date

TaskAngel Online is hosted by the browser of your choice. To keep TaskAngel up to date, just reload your browser. This will download the latest version of TaskAngel from our servers. So if we have updated it to add a new feature, you will get it automatically.

Imagine you are running TaskAngel Online on your iPhone and your laptop. If you have been making changes on your iPhone, tap the Refresh button on your filter menu. Then all your changes will be download onto your laptop, bringing everything back into sync with your iPhone.

Managing Your To-Do List

Every item on your to-do list is a Task. You can give each task a number of properties to help organise your list:

  • Title - This is a short sentence that tells you what to do. For example 'Decide where to go on holiday'.

  • Completed - check this when you have done the task. There is a setting you can use to hide completed tasks.

  • Start Date - When do you need to start this task. You can hide tasks that will start in the future, to keep today's task list tidy

  • Due Date - Have you promised to do this task by a specific date? If so, that's the due date.

  • Repeat - Some tasks have to be done every week, or every month, or whatever. Set the repeat pattern, and then when you complete this task a new one is created with new start and due dates.

  • Priority - Top, High, Medium, Low and Negative. The time management systems often make special use of priority, and TaskAngel supports this beautifully. There is a setting to hide negative priority tasks.

  • Star - In the task list, every task has a star. Tap on the star to light it up. This helps you decide what your next action will be.

  • Goal - You can make sure every task is necessary and relevant by assigning goals to them. Then you can filter your task list to work on all the tasks assigned to a goal. Specify all the goals that are important to you in your life, and make sure you have tasks assigned to them. Then you can achieve your goals.

  • Folder - Organise your tasks and notes into folders, to make it easier to work on them. Give each of your projects a folder.

  • Hashtags - Put hashtags into the titles of tasks and notes. Then you can use search to list the tasks that have that hashtag. For example, when a customer asks me for help with an issue, I tag the resulting task with #issue and the customer's name, like #jamie. If you are using the Getting Things Done system, you can give your tasks contexts like @home or @work using this technique.

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Sorting and Grouping


To help even more with managing your task list, you can split it into groups using one of the task properties. For example I like to group by priority. Then I get a list of all top priority tasks, followed by a list of high priority tasks, and so on.

Within these groups, you can apply up to three levels or sorting. For example sort by start date then by due date then by title.



You might have hundreds of tasks and notes, and that can make managing your task list a nightmare. When you are working on your tasks, you want the list to be much shorter. You can achieve this by using filters.

TaskAngel has a filter menu that pops up when you tap the menu button. You can filter on any of your task properties, for example:

  • High Priority

  • Start within a week

  • Due today

  • Goal: Health

  • Folder: Accounts

Screenshot of Task List in TaskAngel To-Do List



Every task, goal and folder can have a note to provide more details about it. The notes might just be simple text, but you can also use Markdown codes to make a richer layout - bold, italic, headings, web links, and so on.

You can also create stand-alone notes, and organise them into folders. This gives you a simple alternative to apps like Evernote and Bear.

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Screenshot of a note containing instructions copied from the web.

Getting Help


Andrew's Blog on this website has lots of guidance on Time Management, and advice on how to use the different versions of TaskAngel. If you have a problem with using TaskAngel, or a question or suggestion, please send us a message on our Contact page.

I hope you find TaskAngel Online useful. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Best wishes,


TaskAngel Author


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