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TaskAngel – A Beautiful To-do List App for iPhone and iPad


Productivity in your pocket


Previously, to run TaskAngel on your iPhone or iPad, you had to buy it from the Apple App Store. And you had to subscribe to an online system like Toodledo and sync with it from TaskAngel.

The new TaskAngel runs on iPhone and iPad, and it keeps your tasks in its own secure storage system. You can install it from your browser without going through the App Store. Keep your tasks synchronised across all your devices and computers. Put them in your pocket and take them wherever you go, even when your device is not currently online.


The original version of TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad is still supported. However, we recommend you use the new TaskAngel by following this link:

Start for Free
Screenshots of TaskAngel on iPhone and iPad
Download on the App Store

The original TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad

We recommend the New TaskAngel for iOS devices. The following section describes the original TaskAngel app available on the App Store.


Adding tasks to your to-do list is as easy as making a shopping list.

A simple task list in TaskAngel

Add a new task with one tap

To add a task, tap the + button at top right. The entry page is easy too.

A new task being added in TaskAngel
Download on the App Store

Tame Your Overload

Here's a more challenging task list, which I am using to plan and organize Fiona's birthday party. When you are doing something complicated, you need to be able to approach it in nice easy steps. TaskAngel is great at that.

Screenshot of a folder to manage preparations for Fiona's birthday party

Keep In Sync

You need to take your to-do list with you, wherever you are. And keep it secure, even if you lose your phone. With TaskAngel, it's all safe.

TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad can use either Toodledo or TaskAngel Online as its data hub. It stores all your tasks and notes there.

Toodledo Logo

Whenever you make a change in TaskAngel, it tells Toodledo. Then any other versions of TaskAngel you are running, on iPhone, iPad or Windows, will see the change and download it.

If you are on Mac or Android, there is no TaskAngel. Instead, you can use the Toodledo web interface directly, or use another app that can work with Toodledo.

Toodledo has a range of service plans including free of charge. But if you want to use subtasks, choose a paid plan.

Originally, use of Toodledo from TaskAngel was a chargable option, but now it's free of charge.

While you are syncing, your data is encrypted to protect it from from hackers. Read more...

For more details of TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad, please visit our help pages

Download on the App Store

It's All About You

We designed TaskAngel to help you. Everything we do is driven by you.


Our blog is full of useful guides and tips on how to improve your time management. For example, try this article on how to double your productivity with TaskAngel.


Have you tried TaskAngel yet? Please tell us what you think of it.


What is your biggest productivity challenge? Tell us your stories.

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