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TaskAngel To-Do List for Windows

Previously, to run TaskAngel on your Windows computer, you had to buy it as a separate Windows app. And you had to subscribe to an online system like Toodledo and sync with it from TaskAngel.

The new TaskAngel runs on Windows and other desktop computers like Mac, Chromebook and Linux. It keeps your tasks in its own secure storage system, so you don't need to subscribe to Toodledo. You can install it from your browser. 


The original version of TaskAngel for Windows is still supported. However, we recommend you use the new TaskAngel by following this link:

Start for Free. Master your workload. Never forget a promise. 7-day free trial.

TaskAngel for Windows Download

Get TaskAngel for Windows

TaskAngel To-Do List for Windows is still supported. It delivers power with simplicity. It’s powerful enough to manage complex and critical projects. And yet it’s simple enough to run your shopping list.

Our latest version is 3.7 Build 4968. It was released on June 3, 2023. Please follow this link to download it. Then unzip the downloaded zip file and run the setup file it contains.






TaskAngel for Windows User Guide

TaskAngel for Windows User Guide

The original TaskAngle User Guide for Windows is still available. You can download it here:

TaskAngel for Windows running on a desktop PC

“I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Windows Desktop upgrade. I am a long-time (3 years?) user of TaskAngel, and I like the new version even better than the old one. The new design looks great, but not so different as to be confusing. The process was fast and smooth, and everything is still where I left it (i.e., my filters still work, etc.) Yea!” – Margaret S, Austin

Get TaskAngel Online. It's our recommended to-do list for Windows




Start for Free. Master Your Workload. Never Foreget a Promise. 7 Day Free Trial
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