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How to use Subtasks with TaskAngel

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Sometimes a task is complicated and you have to follow a step by step process. In that case, make each of those steps a ‘subtask’ of the task. Then you will have a parent task with subtasks.

If the task is set to repeat, you can set its subtasks to 'Repeat With Parent'. Then when you complete the parent task it will be repeated along with its subtasks.

A subtask isn’t allowed to have its own subtasks, so this is just a two-level thing.

If you are syncing TaskAngel with Toodledo, you must have a paid subscription to Toodledo otherwise the subtasks will not sync correctly.

With TaskAngel for Windows, subtasks are handled differently from TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad.

Subtasks in TaskAngel for Windows

Select a task and tap on ‘Add Subtask’ on the toolbar.

In your task list, the blue bullet, next to each task, changes when a task is the parent of subtasks. Tap on that bullet to show or hide its subtasks. To change the order of the subtasks, drag them by their bullets and drop them where you want them.

Subtasks in TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad

On TaskAngel for iOS, open a task in the Task Editor, and tap on the ‘Add Subtasks’ button at the top right.

When viewing your Task List, parent tasks are indicated by a ‘parent and child’ symbol to the right of their title. To open its list of subtasks, tap on that symbol.

You can change the order of the subtasks by tapping Edit and dragging up and down.

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