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What Our Customers Say

I am using the PWA version and am really impressed.


Some people say PWA apps are the wave of the future for efficient use on multiple platforms, and that seems true here. Using the TaskAngel Online PWA app on my iPhone 12 Max, I find it looks and acts just like a native iPhone app.


I have a home screen icon and I can work offline. I also use the TaskAngel Online PWA on my Mac and PC and they act like native desktop programs.

Michael Linenberger

 Author of 

Master Your Workday Now

I’ve been playing around with TaskAngel all morning and so far I’m really liking it, especially with regard to implementing MYN! 

James G, MYN Practitioner

"I tried TaskAngel Online with the MYN system. It’s perfect for me! I tried it as a PWA app, and cannot tell the difference between it and an installed app.


It’s fast, responsive, and is great for those who have memory constraints on their phone.


The minimalistic structure helps keep me focused and productive, as I’m one that tends to get distracted with playing with advanced features that I ultimately decide I don’t need.


It didn’t take long for me to decide to become a paid subscriber."

Hubert W, MYN Practitioner

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