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TaskAngel Online Change Log

We update our apps constantly to improve them. Here is a list of recent changes to TaskAngel Online.

9 Aug 2023

More reliability improvements

14 July 2023

Rewrite of subscripton management features to improve reliability

13 June 2023

Bug fix. Removed unwanted reminders of the need to subscribe.

10 June 2023

In the Settings Page, there are options to group and sort tasks by Context. This is useful if you are following David Allen's Getting Things Done time management method.

1 June 2023

Added a button to the Settings Page, to delete all completed tasks. This will help keep your task list clean and tidy.

30 May 2023

Changed free trial period to 7 days. That should be long enough.

15 May 2023

App updates are installed silently without bothering users.

4 May 2023

Added a setting to filter search results for tasks, or leave the the results unfiltered. Makes it easier to find a lost task.

18 April 2023

Added a setting to sort notes by Title or Modified Date, ascending or descending. So you can put your notes in the order of most recent first.

1 April 2023

 Updated the note editor to use the latest version of TinyMCE for better reliability. It also has a bettter toolbar.

21 Dec 2022

Release 2.0 provides a new Home Page, with a dashboard showing your entire workload. It gives quick access to all parts of TaskAngel.


A new note editor provides rich text formatting, using the Tiny MCE Editor.


In the Task and Note Pages, a new Copy menu copies the whole task or note into Rich Text (HTML), Plain Text, Markdown, or a web link. So you can copy tasks and notes to other tasks and notes, and to other apps.

21 Nov 2022

Improved the design of the date pickers, to make them easier to use.

6 May 2022

Improved the design of TaskAngel to make it better when you are using a keyboard.

20 Jan 2022

Introduced support for MYN, the Time Management System invented by Michael Linenberger.

27June 2021

First release of TaskAngel Online, the To-do List for all your smart devices

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