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Power your to-do list with new settings for TaskAngel Online

Here at TaskAngel we are always working to make our software more supportive of your time management needs. Our latest version is 2.0.145, published on May 8th 2023. This provides two new settings to help you.

Filter Preset - Filter Search Results

TaskAngel filters your task list so you can hide things you don't need to see right now. The main tools for this are the Filter Panel right next to the Task List, and the Search Bar at the top. These are both governed by your Filter Presets, on the Settings Page. Use these to hide tasks that have start dates in the future, or tasks that you have already completed, or tasks with negative priorities.

The filter presets are so convenient, it's easy to forget they are there. Imagine you have a task that is going to be important in the holidays, which are a long way off. You give them a start date way into the future.

You are thinking about this task, and you search for it in the search bar. Where is it? It doesn't appear because 'show future starts' is turned off.

Now we have a new setting: Filter Search Results. When it is switched on, your filter presets are applied to the results of your search. When it is off, your search results will contain everything, even when they are completed and when they start in the future.

Not everyone will want this. It can make your search results a bit cluttered. That's why we have made it a setting. You decide 😀.

Sort Notes By...

Power users will know that TaskAngel is all about notes. Notes can be embedded in your tasks, in your folders, and in your goals. They remind you what your tasks, folders and goals are for.

We aren't trying to compete with Evernote and Bear, but it can be convenient to keep all your information together. Our notes even let you write them in Markdown, if you want them to look great.

You can keep stand-alone notes, and access them through your note list. Up to now, that list has always sorted them in alphabetical order. But with the latest update you have the option to keep the most recent notes at the top of the list.

Go back to the Settings Page, and scroll down to Sort Presets. There's a new setting there: Sort Notes By Title or Modified, and a little arrow that switches from ascending to descending. To see the most recent notes, set this to 'Sort Notes By Modified' and tap the arrow so that it points down.

By the way, if you do have a note in Bear or Evernote or whatever, just copy a link to the note and paste the link into a TaskAngel note or task. Then you can get straight to it, whenever you need it.

Tell us what you want next

Our new features are always chosen by our customers. If there is something you would like to see in TaskAngel, please tell us on our contact page.


Andrew Boswell

Andrew is a Programme Director with more than 40 years experience in IT and Telecoms. In his blog he writes about how to improve productivity.

Andrew is the author of TaskAngel To-Do List.

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