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How To Keep One To-Do List In Sync

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

One To-do List Across All Your Devices

You only need one to-do list in your life, but you never know when you are going to want access to it. TaskAngel lets you maintain one to-do list wherever you are.

The one reference list is on Toodledo. This popular cloud service is one of the first and best designed specifically for to-do lists. You can find out all about it from their web site at If you are already using Toodledo, you can use TaskAngel with your existing account.

You can run TaskAngel on all your Windows PC's, iPhones and iPads, and keep them all in step with your one list. If you have an Android phone or tablet, they have other to-do list apps that will sync with Toodledo.

TaskAngel passes data back and forth with Toodledo so that all the computers and devices are kept up to date, so long as you sync them all regularly. It syncs straight away when you make a change, and every hour if even if you don't make a change. You also have a sync button that lets you kick off the sync process at any time.

On iPhone and iPad, you can change the sync frequency in Settings. On Windows, the Sync menu allows you to turn off Instant Sync (sync when you make a change), and Auto-Sync (sync every hour).


To sync with Toodledo you need an account. You can use a free one, but if you want to use subtasks you will need a paid Toodledo account. You will also have to pay if you want Toodledo to use a secure connection to TaskAngel.


TaskAngel on iPhone and iPad can use iCloud to sync with itself on other Apple devices. To use this feature, go to Settings.

You can't use iCloud to sync with other apps, or with TaskAngel on Windows.

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