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TaskAngel is a beautiful to-do list app for iPhone and iPad. You can keep your tasks synchronised across all your devices and computers. Put them in your pocket and take them wherever you go.

The latest version of TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad was published on January 18, 2018. In this release the note editor has been completely redesigned to provide smart data detection, and to make it simpler and more reliable. Read more...

“The more I use TaskAngel the more I’m grateful for your focus to keep it simple. As a task app that perfectly syncs with Toodledo, it can’t be beat. I have three other apps on my phone that I’ve used in the past but I rarely use any of them anymore. They have lots of options and colorful display but all that at times seems to get in the way. TaskAngel is clean, quick, and easy.” – Larry W, Oregon
TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad
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A beautiful to-do list app

Adding tasks to your to-do list is as easy as making a shopping list.

TaskAngel simple task list

Add a new task with one tap

To add a task, tap the + button at top right. The entry page is just as clear.

TaskAngel - new task
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Tame your overload

Here's a more challenging task list, which I am using to plan and organize Fiona's birthday party. When you are doing something complicated, you need to be able to approach it in nice easy steps. TaskAngel is great at that.

Tame your overload with TaskAngel

Keep in sync

You need to take your to-do list with you, wherever you are. And keep it secure, even if you lose your phone. With TaskAngel, it's all good.

TaskAngel uses Toodledo as its data hub. It stores all your tasks and notes there.

Toodledo task management online

Whenever you make a change in TaskAngel, it tells Toodledo. Then any other versions of TaskAngel you are running, on iPhone, iPad or Windows, will see the change and download it.

If you are on Mac or Android, there is no TaskAngel. Instead, you can use the Toodledo web interface directly, or use another app that can work with Toodledo.

Toodledo has a range of service plans including free of charge. But if you want to use subtasks, choose a paid plan.

Originally, use of Toodledo from TaskAngel was a chargable option, but now it's free of charge.

While you are syncing, your data is encrypted to protect it from from hackers. Read more...


As an alternative to Toodledo, you can sync with iCloud. It keeps TaskAngel in step with itself on other iPhones and iPads, but not on other platforms. If you aren't sure which to choose, we recommend Toodledo.

In Settings, you can choose whether to use Toodledo or iCloud and set the frequency with which TaskAngel looks for changes on the server. This check happens in the background even when you are using a different app.

Select your sync service in TaskAngel Settings
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Deadlines and reminders

To edit a task, just tap on it. When it opens, only active properties are visible at first. If you don't see Due, tap on More...

Setting due dates and times on TaskAngel

Choose a day for your deadline. Set Show Due Time if it matters what time of day you complete your task.

Tap on Reminder if you want an alert when the task due. Then choose how far in advance of the deadline you want to be reminded.

You can import Apple reminders from your device automatically. They can be created by Siri in response to your voice commands. Read more...


You can set any task to repeat regularly every day, or every week, or whatever.

More complex repeat patterns are also available, for example at set intervals like every three weeks. Or on the same days every week like every Monday and Friday. Or on the same day every month, like the first Monday.

TaskAngel - repeating tasks
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Tasks can repeat regularly from the due date (e.g. every Wednesday), or when the task is completed (next Wednesday for example)


Divide a complex task into easy subtasks. First swipe left and then tap More. Choose Add Subtask and fill in the details as if you were adding any other task. Tap Done and you will see the subtask list. Navigate back to see the parent.

Now the parent has a Group icon to show it has subtasks.

Parent task showing group icon

Tap on that icon to see the subtask list, or swipe left and choose More / View Subtasks.

TaskAngel subtask list

You can capture a current task as a subtask. Go to the parent, swipe left and choose More / Pick More Subtasks.

You must have a paid subscription with Toodledo for it to sync your subtasks correctly.


If you have hundreds of tasks on your to-do list, you can focus on a handful at a time by using filters.

Tap the filter icon at the top left corner of the task list, and the filter menu pops up.

TaskAngel filters

There are lots of filters, matching individual properties. For example, tap the Filter icon, then choose Due to see everything you should have done by today.

Your most recent filters are saved at the top of the list so you can easily get to them again​

Use the Due Date filter for more complex queries, like 'within one week.'

TaskAngel due date filters
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Grouping and Sorting

The latest release of TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad gives you even more control over how to sort and group your tasks. 

You can have one level of grouping and three levels of sorting, all at the same time. For example "Group by priority, then sort by start date, then due date, then when added." We have a choice of six properties to group by, and ten properties for sorting at each level. Read more...


 Tap a word into the Search box, and see a list of tasks containing that word - instantly.

TaskAngel search


Each task can have one of four possible priorities: Top, High, Medium and Low. And there is a fifth - Negative. A task with negative priority is hidden unless you set Show Negative Priorities in Settings.

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Track progress on your tasks using Status. There are lots of options to choose from.

TaskAngel status

If you are following the GTD method you will want to use ‘Next Action’. This is for actions that are ready to do right now. There is nothing stopping you

Tasks with ‘Next Action’ status have a little arrow showing on the task list and on the filter list, to make them easy to spot.


Use folders to group tasks that belong together. For example, I have a folder called 'Health' and another called 'Home-making.'

Use the filter list to see only the tasks in that folder.

TaskAngel folder: home-making

Folders are ideal for project management - just create a folder for each project or work-stream.

Create as many folders as you like, and give them whatever names you want. Just go to Folders in the filter list, then tap edit. A New Folder button appears at the bottom of the folder list.

If you archive a folder, TaskAngel hides it and its contents unless you set Show Archived Folders in Settings. To archive, go to Filters / Folders / Edit, tap on the folder, and set the Archived switch.

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You may have hundreds of tasks but are they getting you anywhere? Define your goals and manage towards them.

You create goals in the same way as folders, but there is one difference. When you create a new one, you can say if it is a Lifetime, Long-term or Short-term goal. Short and Long-term goals can contribute to longer-term ones.

TaskAngel goal

When you are filtering on a goal, you see every task that is assigned to it or to a goal that contributes to it.

Goals can also be archived.


Contexts distinguish between different places where you do things. For example, Home, Work, Shopping, Computer, and Calls.

When you are out shopping, you want to see only the items you are supposed to be buying. Create a Shopping context, and give it to all your would-be purchases. Then tap on the Shopping filter when you set off for the shops.

TaskAngel shopping context


Create as many tags as you like. Every task can have multiple tags. They give you even more flexibility for managing and filtering your to-do list.

Task with tags
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