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Beauty, Simplicity and Power

TaskAngel To-do List runs on 5 platforms

TaskAngel Features At A Glance

  • Any number of tasks, subtasks and notes
  • Due dates, start dates, reminders and repeats​
  • Priorities, stars and next actions
  • Status to track progress
  • Web links in your tasks and notes
  • Set your Next Action
  • Filter by any property
  • Search within tasks and their notes
  • ​Hotlist
  • Folders to organize your tasks and notes
  • Goals to give you perspective
  • Contexts help you pick tasks by location
  • Tags - any task can have a many tags as you want
  • Break complex tasks into subtasks
  • Support for 'Getting Things Done' method (GTD)
  • Sync one to-do list across all your devices


“The more I use TaskAngel the more I’m grateful for your focus to keep it simple. As a task app that perfectly syncs with Toodledo, it can’t be beat. I have three other apps on my phone that I’ve used in the past but I rarely use any of them anymore. They have lots of options and colorful display but all that at times seems to get in the way. TaskAngel is clean, quick, and easy.” – Larry W, Oregon

“I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Windows Desktop upgrade. I am a long-time (3 years?) user of TaskAngel, and I like the new version even better than the old one. The new design looks great, but not so different as to be confusing. The process was fast and smooth, and everything is still where I left it (i.e., my filters still work, etc.) Yea!” – Margaret S, Austin

"TaskAngel fills an important gap in the Toodledo MYN app suite. For people that work primarily on a PC and manage tasks there, TaskAngel is the only Toodledo app that allows you to take your tasks offline (like when on an airplane) and review and edit tasks. The task edits then sync back to the Toodledo servers when you land and reconnect. No other PC app does that." - Michael Linenberger, Author of Master Your Workday Now

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