TaskAngel To-do List for iPhone, iPad and Windows

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TaskAngel To-Do List combines power and simplicity in a unique productivity tool. It is powerful enough to manage complex and critical projects. And yet it's simple enough to run your shopping list.

Everyone is so busy nowadays! Most people think they have no time to manage their time. But the truth is a good time management system can double your productivity. And it will reduce your stress dramatically.

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"Love your work!" - Craig N, Australia

TaskAngel To-do List runs on 5 platforms

You can run TaskAngel on iPhone, iPad, Windows Desktop, Windows Tablet and Windows Phone.

Perfect to help you organize your personal workload, it's a powerful to-do list manager, with a rich set of features. It will support you to get more done in less time.

And it's beautiful. Just look at our iPhone and iPad page for some awesome screenshots.

We are committed to the quality of our products. We achieve this with a program of continuous improvement.

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TaskAngel features at a glance

  • Any number of tasks, subtasks and notes
  • Due dates, start dates, reminders and repeats​
  • Priorities, stars and next actions
  • Status to track progress
  • Web links in your tasks and notes
  • Set your Next Action
  • Filter by any property
  • Search within tasks and their notes
  • ​Hotlist
  • Folders to organize your tasks and notes
  • Goals to give you perspective
  • Contexts help you pick tasks by location
  • Tags - any task can have a many tags as you want
  • Break complex tasks into subtasks
  • Support for 'Getting Things Done' method (GTD)
  • Sync one to-do list across all your devices

See more detail on our help page.


Pricing model varies by platform:

  • iPhone and iPad are free with advanced features purchased separately for $0.99 each, or all together as a Pro bundle for $4.99
  • Windows Desktop has a free 30 day trial with registration for $19.99
  • Windows Tablet and Phone versions can be purchased together on the Windows Store for $4.99