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Unleash Your Focus: Power Filters Now Available in TaskAngel!

Updated: Mar 1

Hey TaskAngels!

Get ready to supercharge your productivity with the latest addition to TaskAngel: Power Filters!

Start For Free. Master Your Workload. Never forget a promise. 7 Day free trial. Get started with TaskAngel Now.

We know staying organized can be challenging, especially when your to-do list seems endless. That's why we've introduced this powerful new feature to help you cut through the clutter and focus on what truly matters.

Young woman wearing noise cancellation headphones. Power Filters are like your very own noise-cancellation headphones

What are Power Filters?

Imagine having the ability to apply multiple filters simultaneously to your task list. With Power Filters, you can now:

  • Filter by priority: Prioritize urgent tasks by combining "High Priority" with "Due Today" filters.

  • Filter by category and due date: Need to see all your "Work" tasks due this week? Simply select both filters!

  • Combine any filter: The possibilities are endless! Create custom views of your tasks to suit your specific needs and workflow.

Power Filters are like your very own noise-cancellation headphones, filtering out distractions and letting you concentrate on what you must do right now.

Power Filters empower you to:

  • Focus on specific projects or work areas.

  • See only the tasks that are due soon and need immediate attention.

  • Track your progress by filtering for completed tasks within a specific category.

  • Customize your to-do list in ways you never thought possible!

Ready to unlock the power of organization?

  1. Open your TaskAngel app.

  2. Tap on the "Filters" icon (three horizontal lines). This takes you to the Filter Panel. On tablets and destops it might be already visible to the left of your task list. On smart phones, it pops up when you tap the Filters icon.

Now you see a list of filter groups, each of which is for a task property.

Here's how to use multiple filters.

The first filter group is 'Status". Tap on that, and a list of status filters appears: 'Active', 'Completed' and 'Any'. Tap on 'Active' and your task list changes so that it shows all tasks that have not yet been completed.

Tap on another filter group, like 'Star'. Your task list changes so that it shows all tasks that have been starred and not yet been completed.

In the Star group, tap on 'Any'. Then the task list shows all active tasks, whether or not they have been starred.

You can have as many filter groups active as you like. Here are the filter groups you can use:

  • Status - Completed or Active

  • Priority, or Urgency if you are using MYN

  • Star - Starred or Unstarred.

  • Due - Date ranges, including Overdue and Due Today

  • Start - Date ranges, including Start By Today

  • Added - Date ranges, including tasks Added Today

  • Folder - Any of your folders, or None for tasks without a folder

  • Goal - Any of your goals, or None for tasks without a goal

  • Context - Any of your contexts, or None for tasks without a context

If you get carried away with your filters, you might end up hiding all your tasks. Get back to your full task list by tapping on 'Clear Filters' at the top of the FilterPanel.

If you use Michael Linenberger's MYN Time Management Method, you might want to hide tasks that are are set to start at a future date. You can do that with the Start: By Today filter.

Your focused task list

Witness your task list transform into a streamlined and focused view!

We believe Power Filters will be a game-changer for your productivity journey. Now you can easily conquer your to-do list, stay organized, and achieve more in less time.

Screenshot of TaskAngel showing Power Filters for Status: Active, Starred, and Due: Within a Week

Start exploring Power Filters today and experience the difference!

Happy organizing!

The TaskAngel Team

P.S. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and feedback on Power Filters in the comments below. We're always looking for ways to improve TaskAngel and make it the ultimate productivity tool for you.

Start For Free. Master Your Workload. Never forget a promise. 7 Day free trial. Get started with TaskAngel Now.

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Feb 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This should help me to stay focused on the important stuff

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