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★ Powerful to-do list organizer and task manager
★ Get your life back under control
★ Sync across all your devices via iCloud or Toodledo
★ Great at work for project management
★ Great at home for remembering all those little things
★ Never forget a promise

Whether you are running a big project at work, or juggling lists of things to remember at home, TaskAngel is the best to-do list organizer and task manager.

★ Organize your tasks into folders
★ Set due dates, with reminders and repeats
★ Use stars to emphasize important tasks
★ Split big complicated tasks down into subtasks, and do them one step at a time

★ Search across all your tasks
★ Filter your to-do list to make shortlists of tasks depending on when they are due, or what folders they are in, or whatever
★ Sync your to-do list across multiple devices, via iCloud or Toodledo, and take your tasks with you wherever you go

Get your life back under control. Get TaskAngel - available now for iPhone and iPad and Windows.