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  • Ameeth Singh says:

    Its a Great Article. For Working People its not at all possible to Avoid traveling, can you please mention some Tips what should one do to make traveling joyful.

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Ameeth, Thanks, I’m glad you found the article useful. Yes, you are right, sometimes travelling is unavoidable. Here’s what I do to make it as joyful as possible:
      (1) Go by train. For me, it’s the best way because I can read a book or sit and watch the world go by. I would rather spend an hour on the train than spend half an hour driving my car in rush-hour traffic.
      (2) Walk. Often in the city, a half hour walk to work is easy and healthy and it avoids the crush of the subway. It takes a little longer but it’s much more predictable.
      Best wishes,

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