TaskAngel testimonials

Here are some comments from our customers:

Thanks so much for a great program. It works perfectly with Toodledo which, in turn, syncs to my phone. Best of all, unlike all other task managers I’ve tried, the Windows app is completely accessible to visually impaired computer users. – Gretha G.

I absolutely love this software. – Alex W, Australia.

I love TaskAngel’s simple interface and ease to operate. – Andre F.

Thanks for the great app. I’ve been hunting for something that would sync with Toodledo that I can use offline on my Surface Pro 3, and your app looks terrific! – Nivine R

I am using (and enjoying) Task Angel on my Windows 8.0 Surface tablet/laptop. I find its ability to sync with my iOS devices through the Toodledo web service to be very useful. – Bill S.

This Brit living in the US says “thanks”! Task Angel is a great tool for me to keep on top of my toodledo tasklist, even while not looking at my iPhone or disconnected. Bravo! Cheers. -Andrew C.

Thanks for your dedicated support. – Pascal M, Belgium.

Love your desktop software and couldn’t live without it. – Paul H.

I am using TaskAngel and it is awesome! – Anon.

I am really impressed with Toodledo and TaskAngel. – Joe L, England.

I like how TaskAngel works and excited to see you have student discount. – Anon.

I have been using TaskAngel for several weeks with great success — great organizer and way to keep track of things! – Tom D, USA.

Great product (purchased it within 3 hours) and am looking forward to its ongoing evolution. – Derrick, Australia.

I’m a student of IT @ the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Poland. Your Task Angel app is really great. – Chris T, Poland.

What a great program! – Lorna W, Australia.

This is a great piece of software! Keep up the good work! – Dan K.

I have been using your TaskAngel for couple of weeks. I have to say it’s amazing, it’s just the APP I have been looking for it for long time. – Ma Q, China.

TaskAngel works the way Toodledo should work. I have a Pro subscription to Toodledo which I will keep. But TaskAngel will be the way I manage my time from now on. Thanks for a great application! – Mark D, USA.

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