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New TaskAngel Works Better With Your Keyboard (and phone)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Better with keyboard

If you use your keyboard in preference to a mouse or touch screen, the latest version of TaskAngel Online has some awesome things for you.

  1. The hot key Ctrl+T creates a new task and pops up a redesigned task editor.

  2. The Task Editor has an improved layout, and its fields have a more consistent tab order. Tab once to move the cursor to the title field, then tab again to move down the Task Editor fields.

  3. Within the Task Editor, hot key to Ctrl+Enter save your changes or Ctrl+Esc to cancel them.

On Windows and Linux, Chrome uses some of these keys for its own purposes, so you can also use the following:

Alt+Shift+T – create a new task

Alt+Shift+S – save from Task Editor

Alt+Shift+C – cancel from Task Editor

Better with smartphone

TaskAngel is great whether or not you use a keyboard. It's perfect on smartphones and tablets. You will love these improvements!

  1. Notes now have a preview mode to view the results of your markdown codes.

  2. Adding to our MYN support, when you are using Auto Urgency, the task editor warns you if you pick an urgency that will be overridden.

  3. When you change a task on another device, the change is shown immediately without you having to refresh your task list.

  4. If you have a lot of tasks or notes, you should see a big improvement in speed when displaying the task and note lists.

See for yourself

I hope you like the new version. Try it at

If you are already using TaskAngel online, it should update itself automatically.

Please let me have your comments here, or go to

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