How do I decide what to do next?

You can use Next Action to force yourself to pick the action you are going to do next. It helps when you are getting overwhelmed by the number of tasks waiting for your attention.

The Next Action is the next physical task that needs to be done, to move forward. It is something you could do right now if you chose to. Not something that is blocked because you are waiting for someone else to do something.

Each of your folders should have a Next Action. That means on your entire Task List, you will usually have several next actions.

To identify a task as a next action, click on Next Action icon in the Task Editor, or set its Status to Next Action.

To list only your next actions, go to the filter list and tap on Next Action. This is an excellent way to narrow down your choice of what you are going to actually do next.

Andrew Boswell

Andrew Boswell is the author of TaskAngel To-do List. He blogs on productivity and time management at