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New Import Feature for TaskAngel

Overview of the New Import Feature

What is the Import Feature?

The import feature in TaskAngel allows users to easily transfer their tasks from other platforms into TaskAngel. Key functionalities include the ability to upload and map data from different apps into TaskAngel’s task management interface. This feature integrates seamlessly into TaskAngel, providing users with a streamlined method to consolidate their task lists.

Why Introduce an Import Feature?

  • Many users have asked for an easier way to migrate from other tools to TaskAngel, particularly from Toodledo.

  • This feature eliminates the need for manual task entry, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Import is available as a standard feature to all subscribers and trialists.

Supported Formats and Future Updates

Currently, the import feature supports CSV files. We have focused on ensuring robust support for Toodledo, a popular task management tool. Future updates will include support for additional apps, improving the flexibility and reach of TaskAngel.

Detailed Guide to Using the Import Feature

Step 1 - Preparing Your Tasks in Toodledo

  1. Review your tasks in Toodledo and categorize them appropriately.

  2. Remove any duplicates or completed tasks that are no longer relevant.

  3. Organise your taks into folders, to help manage them after they have been imported.

Step 2 - Exporting Tasks to CSV Format

  1. Sign into Toodledo.

  2. Click on the avatar in the top right corner to reveal the menu and tools.

  3. Click on Import / Export / Backup to navigate to the Import and Export Tools page.

  4. Click on CSV Import / Export.

  5. In CSV Tasks Export, click on Uncompleted Tasks - Download CSV File.

  6. Allow a minute or two for the csv file to appear in your Downloads folder.

  7. Open the CSV file to ensure all tasks and details are correctly exported. You can view the file in a normal text viewer or editor, or read it into Microsoft Excel or another spreadhseet app.

  8. Check that the first line of the file lists the correct field headers for your tasks. The fields should be "title" or "task", and optionally some of " folder", "context", "goal", "startDate", "startTime", "dueDate", "dueTime", "repeat", "priority", "star" and "note".

Step 3 - Importing CSV Files into TaskAngel

  1. Browse to TaskAngel at

  2. Sign into TaskAngel using your username and password.

  3. Go to the Settings page. Click on the 'Import Tasks' button and wait for the tasks to be imported.

  4. Progress with your import will be reported on the settings page, below the Import button.

  5. Check your tasks have been imported correctly. You task list has a new filter to select any tasks imported today, yesterday or many other date ranges.

  6. Delete any tasks that have not been imported correctly. At the top right of the task list there is a new Delete All button. Click on that to delete the visible tasks all at once.

  7. Now you can use your imported tasks just like all the other tasks in TaskAngel.

Understanding CSV - Comma Separated Values

What is CSV?

CSV, or Comma Separated Values, is a plain text format for data storage. It uses commas to separate different data fields. This format has been around for decades and is widely used for its simplicity and compatibility with various software applications.

Advantages of Using CSV

  • CSV files are easy to create and read.

  • They work across different software and systems without issues.

  • CSV files can be easily edited using spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets.

Common Issues and How to Avoid Them

  • If your tasks contain special characters, check they have been correctly encoded.

  • Ensure dates are formatted as YYY-MM-DD. Times must be hh:mm am/pm

  • Be wary of extra spaces or incorrect delimiters that can corrupt data fields.

Tips for a Smooth Import Process

  • Clean up and organize your tasks prior to export.

  • Look out for any mismatches in data fields and correct them.

  • Once imported, utilize TaskAngel’s features to keep your tasks organized into folders, goals and contexts

Troubleshooting Common Problems

  • Follow TaskAngel’s prompts to identify where errors occur.

  • Re-map specific fields if tasks aren’t appearing correctly.

  • TaskAngel’s support team is ready to help. Just send us a message

Looking Ahead: Future Updates and Supported Apps

Upcoming Supported Apps

  • We support importing from any app, so long as it can generate an export file in CSV format.

  • You must provide field headers in the first line of the CSV file. One of the headers must be "TASK" or "TITLE"

  • If you need help with importing from a troublesome app, please send us a request.

  • We prioritise requests based on user demand and technical feasibility.

  • We will continue to provide regular updates based on your feedback to improve the overall experience.

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May 30

Hi John, thanks for your comment. The new import feature is in final testing. It will be available very soon.

I will update this article when it is ready, and you will be able to see the Import button on the Settings page.

Best wishes,



Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Hi Andrew

Thank you for the feature. When exactly will it be available? I couldn't find the button in the settings of my account.

Best regards, John

May 31
Replying to

I am happy to tell you the import feature is available now. Please give it a try and let us know how you get on.

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