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New Export Feature in TaskAngel Delivers Security For Your Tasks

A container ship exports valuable goods securely

Following the introduction of the new Import feature, we now have an export feature for you to use. This is available for all TaskAngel subscribers and those of you on a free trial, at no extra charge.

The new export feature gives you:

  1. Secure your tasks in a local file.

  2. Import into TaskAngel again in the future, if you want to restore tasks deleted in error.

  3. The export file uses the industry-standard CSV format so you can import into other apps.

  4. Verify the export file by loading it into spreadsheets like Excel.

  5. Just tap one Export button, on the Settings page.. All your tasks are exported into a CSV file and downloaded to your usual downloads folder.

  6. Import your tasks into different TaskAngel accounts. Share them with colleagues, friends and family members.

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