Using emojis 💥

You can use emojis in TaskAngel to add extra sizzle to your tasks ❤️ . Emojis can go anywhere – in tasks,  and notes, or in the titles of folders, goals, contexts and tags. You can even search on emojis.

When syncing across to other devices, the emojis show up only if the other devices support the same emoji codes. For example iPhone to iPhone or iPad, or Windows to Windows.

The Process Street blog has an excellent guide to using emojis in business.

Enjoy! 😃


Andrew Boswell

Andrew Boswell is the author of TaskAngel To-do List. He blogs on productivity and time management at taskangel.com.

  • Hi there! Thanks for the reference back to my Process Street article. Glad you liked it and found it useful. I think emoji are something people are really overlooking.

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