Using contexts

Contexts are used to help you choose a task that is suitable for where you are and what you are doing. What context you are in, in fact. Here is a suggested list of contexts to get you started.







You can give all your tasks a context, then filter on all the tasks to be done at work, for example. Divide and conquer! Then you can stop stressing about tasks you can’t do at the moment.

Now pick a task you can do, and just do it!

Andrew Boswell

Andrew Boswell is the author of TaskAngel To-do List. He blogs on productivity and time management at taskangel.com.

  • First, I really like the Windows 8.1 version of TaskAngel. Since I also use Android, I wish there was also an Android version.

    What I really would like is a way to filter contexts and status so that I could filter on my work (context) next actions (status) without seeing my home (context) tasks. The only contexts that make sense for me are home and work.

  • david says:

    why not give me a dialog box when the task is set to remind ?

    By the way, thank you for supplying the good soft.

    QB from China

    • andrew boswell says:

      Hi QB,

      You should get an alert when your reminder is due. We’ll follow this up as a support request.

      Best wishes,

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