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Create A Task

A task is something you have to do.

It's a promise you have made.

Capture it immediately with TaskAngel so you don't forget it.

Create a task to take out the garbage, in TaskAngel To-do List

Today is Monday, so I have to put out our household rubbish, for collection tomorrow morning. It's a simple chore but it's easy to forget it, so I create a task to remind me.

In TaskAngel I tap on 'Add Task' and the task editor pops up ready to collect the details. I just say what I have to do, which is 'Take out the garbage'. I've done this thousands of times so I shouldn't need any more details.

My neighbours and I all have to sort our rubbish into recycling, food waste, garden waste, and general. Wokingham Council picks up the garden waste every two weeks, but is today a garden waste day? I can never remember! Luckily the council publishes a calendar so I put a link to that into my task.

This new task is safely on my task list. Now I can go on to schedule it, and assign it to a goal to keep my tasks organised.

Details of a task in TaskAngel Online
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