TaskAngel Privacy Policy

TaskAngel is productivity software produced by MyPocketSoft, which is a division of A J Boswell Limited. This policy applies to the TaskAngel software and support services.

Personal information, entered by you, is held on your PC or handheld device by the TaskAngel app. If you have chosen to sync with iCloud or Toodledo, it is transmitted back and forth to your account at those services. Staff at A J Boswell Limited have no access to this personal information.

Personal information held in your Toodledo account is subject to the Toodledo Privacy Policy. A J Boswell Limited and its staff have no association with Toodledo, and no responsibility for its privacy policy. Information transmitted between TaskAngel and Toodledo is encrypted using an SSL connection.

The TaskAngel support web site gives you the opportunity to provide your name and email address so that we can deal with your support feedback, and provide you with information about TaskAngel. Your details are held on secure email servers. We never pass your details to third parties, or use them ourselves other than to provide you the support and information you have requested.

We collect information about TaskAngel errors, to help us improve reliability. This doesn’t include personal information.

Please direct any questions about this policy to support@mypocketsoft.com