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TaskAngel To-Do List is no longer on Windows Store

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Ever since the days of Windows XP, TaskAngel for Windows has been sold directly through our own web site.

When Microsoft introduced their Windows Store, we started selling TaskAngel through that too. This was a lot of work because using the Windows Store required a total rewrite of TaskAngel, in order to conform to the special Microsoft architecture for Windows Store apps. We put the effort in to doing this because we expected the Windows Store would be a more effective sales outlet for us.

However, TaskAngel has constantly sold much more strongly through our own web site. Surprisingly, Windows Store has not turned out to be the good sales channel we thought it would be for TaskAngel. Because the Windows Store still requires a different architecture than our Windows Desktop product, we have decided to withdraw TaskAngel from the Windows Store and sell only the Windows Desktop app from

As a consequence of this, I am sorry to tell you that TaskAngel will no longer be available for sale from the Windows Store. This also means the Windows Phone version of TaskAngel will no longer be available for sale.

You can try or buy TaskAngel for Windows by following this link:

We are actively developing TaskAngel for Windows to keep up with your needs. Please let me know about any enhancements you would like to see.

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