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Announcing TaskAngel Release 3.5 for Windows

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

TaskAngel Release 3.5 for Windows

TaskAngel release 3.5 for Windows is now ready for you to download. This version has some bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a problem with task notes not always syncing with Toodledo.

  2. ‘Next Action’ status was not always being saved to a task.

  3. Improved scrolling behaviour in notes.

These bugs were side-effects of improvements we made in previous updates. We are sorry about the bugs.

Please download this free update by following this link.

First make sure TaskAngel isn’t already running, then double click on the downloaded file to install this version. Then you’re ready to go.

For help and support please contact us or visit our TaskAngel For Windows page.

Help us to help you

Your feedback matters. All of the improvements we have made in recent releases of TaskAngel have come about because of problems you told us of, or ideas you gave us. It’s easy – just leave a comment on this page.

You can run TaskAngel To-Do List on your iPhone and iPad as well as on Windows. For news about updates to all versions of TaskAngel please visit our blog. It also contains lots of articles on sharpening your time management skills and boosting your personal productivity. Make yourself a success!

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