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TaskAngel for Windows Desktop – Great New Look!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We are proud to present TaskAngel 3.0 for Windows Desktop. It’s available on our download page.

“I have been using your TaskAngel for couple of weeks. I have to say it’s amazing, it’s just the app I have been looking for it for long time.” – Ma Q, China

We know you are going to love this update. Here’s why:

1. It looks great

We thoroughly reviewed and updated the design of TaskAngel. We gave every screen a complete make-over. We think you’ll love the new fresh look and feel.

TaskAngel for Windows Desktop has a great new look

2. No more fuzzy text

Windows 10 does an excellent job at supporting the latest high-res displays. But sometimes it messes up the fonts, making them look at bit blurry. This version of TaskAngel takes back control and makes the text razor-sharp even on your fancy new laptop.

3. Make all the text bigger

In the previous version, you could choose the font used in your task list. Now whenever you change the font, it applies to every screen and every menu. It’s amazing how much clearer everything is when you choose the right text size.

4. It runs on your Windows Tablet

If you are using a touch screen, set the font size to 22 points. Then everything is big enough to tap with your fingers. And the screen layouts adjust themselves automatically when you pop up the soft keyboard.

5. More ways to customize the screen layout

As well as your task list, the main TaskAngel screen has a filter list and a note panel. Now you can hide them if you want to see more of the task list on your screen. And pop them up again just as quickly.

6. New graphics

We’ve updated the buttons, icons, and graphics so you can make sense of the toolbar buttons more immediately. Along with the text improvements, they make using TaskAngel a real pleasure.

7. Task counts

The Filter Panel now shows the number of active tasks or notes associated with each filter.

Please note that this count is often different from the number of tasks showing on the task list because TaskAngel hides them if they are subtasks of a closed parent.

8. Simplify the task list

You can manage your task list using a variety of properties. Not only priority and due date, but also folders, goals, modified date, start date, context and so on. But if you find yourself using too many properties, it gets overwhelming. Now you can click on “Show default columns” to take you back to a much simpler list.

9. Sync with a hotkey

TaskAngel syncs automatically with Toodledo, so you can keep your task list secure and share it across lots of devices. Now you can use Ctrl+T to sync whenever you like. You will love it when you are putting your laptop to sleep.

10. Hide future tasks

There’s a new option, “Show Future Starts.” You can uncheck it to hide all tasks with their start dates in the future. Remember birthdays without having them clutter up your task list!

11. Make rule-based custom filters

We’ve completely redesigned the My Filters feature. Now it’s more logical and easier to understand. You can design filters-based rules like “Starred or Top Priority or (in Health folder and Next Action).”

12. More control of print format

Previously when you printed the task list, your print contents matched what was on screen. Now you can choose which columns will be printed in the Task List and the Note List. You can even decide to print columns you aren’t displaying on the screen. Or if your screen is quite crowded, you can slim down your print contents.

13. Continuous improvement

We always fix bugs when we find them, and when you find them. This version has lots of fixes and reliability improvements. TaskAngel just keeps on getting better!

Some of these changes were inspired by Gretha, who told us how helpful TaskAngel is for the visually impaired.

You’re going to love TaskAngel for Windows Desktop. Download it now!​

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