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How Taking Time Off Can Help You Get Ahead at Work

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Are you constantly feeling like you work long hours but are never getting anything done? You may find yourself looking for distractions to avoid a project you just don’t have the energy for. Turns out, you may just need a couple of minutes away from your work to reboot your productivity. Not to mention, if you have paid time, or annual leave, off sitting around waiting to be used, it may just be the right time to take it. 

If you’ve ever taken a vacation where you’re able to unplug from everything, you may already know how this feels. You’re ready to get back to your coworkers and dive into new projects. You may even find yourself checking things off your to-do list faster than you could prior to your time off.

If you’re in need of a little reboot, we have outlined our best tips to ask for or take your vacation even when work doesn’t stop. If you aren’t able to fit a vacation in your budget or get the time off, we provided easy ways to cope without a long break at work. 

Check out Mint’s infographic on how to boost your creativity, productivity, and even your wallet! 


Kayla Montgomery

Our guest author for this article is Kayla Montgomery. Kayla is a digital content marketer who helps Mint create helpful and compelling stories worth sharing. Her background in digital marketing and creative writing has led her to cover unique topics ranging from business to lifestyle. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, writing for her own blog, travelling, and exploring all the in’s and out’s Austin, TX has to offer. To learn more, connect with Kayla on LinkedIn at

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