Start A Business During the Pandemic With These 27 Entertaining Podcasts

COVID-19 has been quite devastating to many businesses—both big and small— this year which could be discouraging you from pursuing your dream of becoming a business owner. However, 2020 has also shined a light on businesses that have found innovative ways to reach and interact with their customers—allowing them to thrive during COVID-19. These surviving and successful businesses are perfect examples of how a company’s ability to adapt and digitalize is key to success now and will continue to be past 2021. 

Therefore, if you’re committed to starting your business during COVID-19, you just need to make sure there's a demand and viability of having your products and services online. Once that’s established, finding a mentor or expert advice from those who have been through the ups and downs or starting and running a business will be incredibly helpful. 

With that in mind, GoSite recently published a list of the top 27 podcasts to help you start a business during COVID-19. These podcasts were selected because they cover a broad list of small-business topics, diverse guest speakers, and episodes that will guide you on how to handle ideation, obstacles, setbacks, recessions, and COVID-19. 

You’ll also find resource- and industry-specific podcasts so whether you’re looking to turn your side-hustle into your full-time job, offer virtual classes, or need marketing ideas to promote your services, you’re sure to find a few helpful episodes. Check out some of their picks below and head over to their post for the full list.

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