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Smart Notes With TaskAngel for iOS

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Announcing Smart Notes with TaskAngel

In this release, the note text editor has been completely redesigned to provide smart data detection, and to make it simpler and more reliable.

One word: “beautiful” – Peter T, Denmark

Automatic Web Links

Web links are detected automatically without you having to use a toolbar button. To follow a link, press down on it until it is highlighted. The links are active in the note panels and you can edit them in the text editor.

Active Data

Active links are also generated for the following:

  1. Phone numbers, press to make a phone call

  2. Email addresses, press to send an email

  3. Postal addresses, press to find on map

  4. Flight numbers, press to look at flight online

  5. Calendar events, press to create or view in calendar

  6. Tracking numbers on UPS or FedEx, press to track the shipment

Smart Notes in TaskAngel To_Do List
Download TaskAngel on the App Store

Get It Now

TaskAngel Release 1.12 is available now on the App Store.

Read more about TaskAngel – a beautiful to-do list app for your iPhone and iPad.

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