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Security Upgrade For TaskAngel To-Do List On All Platforms

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Security Upgrade Protecting You

The security upgrade for TaskAngel is now ready for Windows, iPhone and iPad. And there are other improvements too on Windows and iOS. Here’s the low-down.

TaskAngel for Windows

Sync with Toodledo is more secure, using HTTPS protocols throughout. It encrypts all communication between TaskAngel and Toodledo, making sure your information is protected against eavesdropping and tampering. So it keeps the hackers away. Read more…

Although communication with Toodledo is now more protected, your security can still be compromised by viruses and other malware on your PC. Larry emailed us recently with a report of a problem he discovered, and how he fixed it. Read more…

And there’s a new ease of use improvement. TaskAngel gives you more control over the layout of the Task List. It does this with a new ‘Auto Column Widths’ setting in the View menu.

When this is on, TaskAngel automatically calculates the column widths, although you can still make adjustments, with restrictions. Alternatively, when ‘Auto Column Widths’ is off, you are free to make whatever adjustments you like.

Furthermore, the note panel on the main screen now has a Save button to help secure your text changes when you are editing.As you would expect, we have also fixed more bugs. You can see a list of fixes on our update page. Our latest build for TaskAngel Windows is 3.2.2962

Have you ever wondered about how we choose our build numbers? It’s simple: we have a new one every day. We made our first build of TaskAngel Windows on October 31, 2006, in the days of Windows XP. We’ve come a long way since then!

TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad

The security upgrade is also available on iOS, so syncing TaskAngel on your iPhone and iPad is more secure, giving you peace of mind.

We have also fixed some bugs you told us about:

  1. Restored purchases happen without delay

  2. Sync has better reliability

  3. We resolved some problems with notes formatting

Version 1.11 of TaskAngel is available now on the App Store.

Looking Forward

We are continuing to improve TaskAngel to meet your needs, because you want more, and we want to give you more. For this to work, we need to know what you want. Your feedback is vital to us. Please keep it coming. Leave a comment on this page, or go to our Contact page.

Is your to-do list in a mess? Don’t know where to start? Try the Goal Action System, and get back in control.

Best wishes


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