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Quality Upgrade for TaskAngel Windows

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Version 3.1 of TaskAngel for windows provides a quality upgrade for all users. Download it now.

This is mainly a bug-fix release, but there are also a couple of design changes you asked for.

Design Improvements

We have improved the layout of the Task Form. This pops up when you add a new task or change an existing one. The basic design is the same as the one we introduced in version 3.0, but now we make better use of your PC screen.

The other design change introduced the Today filter. This shows you every task that you have scheduled for today.

The Today filter is different from our Due By Today filter, which lists all tasks whose due date is today, yesterday or any other date in the past. This new filter shows only tasks whose due date is today.

Bug fixes

The other changes in version 3.1 are bug fixes. Version 3.0 was a massive change to the look and feel of TaskAngel – sharpening up the look and feel for high-resolution screens, and improving readability for visually-impaired customers. It was a big engineering effort. Unfortunately, some bugs escaped our extensive testing. This release kills those bugs.

Our redesigned ‘My Filters’ feature now works correctly when your custom filter includes a tag.

When you create a new custom filter, the Filter Panel shows you right away how many tasks will be selected by that filter. This will make it easier for you to verify the rules you have chosen for your filter.

When you duplicate a task that has subtasks, all those subtasks are duplicated with it.

The ‘Use Projects’ setting allows you to organize tasks and notes by Projects instead of Folders. Some of our customers like to do this because it helps them with the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. This setting didn’t work properly in version 3.0, but we have fixed it now.

In the task list, you can change the properties of a task by clicking on that property in the list. This now works properly for Due Time and Start Time.

When you are filtering on a folder, any new task you create is put in that same folder. This also works for goals and contexts, but it wasn’t working for tags. It is now.

You can change multiple tasks at the same time. Just select them and click on Task Properties, in the top menu or in the right-click menu. We have fixed a bug introduced in version 3.0 that was stopping this working.

Multiple edits are also working properly for notes.

Your Feedback Is Our Quality Control

That’s all the changes. Thank you to everyone who told us about the bugs and suggested the design changes.

The search for improvements is never-ending. We have lots of ideas, but the most important thing is what our customers think. Your input is vital.

If there is any change you want us to make to TaskAngel, please let us know. Give a comment on this page, or contact us using our feedback form.

I hope you like the new release. Download it now.

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