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Blast Off! Performance Boost For TaskAngel Windows

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Performance And More

Release 3.3 of TaskAngel To-Do List for Windows is the latest step in our programme of continuous improvement. In this version, we provide a performance boost, an improved Task Editor and a more flexible Task List.

And the upgrade is free for existing customers! Just go to our download page.

Lightning Fast

TaskAngel has brilliant sorting and filtering features, but you need performance too. In this version, we have speeded up the task list so that even when you are looking at a lot of tasks, they display quickly.

And there’s more! We have also improved the load time of the Task Editor so you can make your changes without delay.

Better Task Editor

Your tasks can have up to ten different properties, and this makes it fantastic to organise and filter them. But it’s a lot to navigate through when you are managing your workload.

So now you can choose which properties you want to see in the Task Editor, and the order they should appear.

And it’s easier to use with your keyboard. As you tab through the properties, you can tap F4 to open up the drop-downs and tap Esc to close them again.

More Flexible Task List

In the previous version, you weren’t able to make the task list column too narrow to show their contents. But you told us you sometimes want to reduce the widths right down, with the contents just peeking through.

But now the restriction has been removed, and you can make the columns as narrow as you want.

More Bug Fixes

In Build 3050 we fixed a couple of problems you told us about.

  1. The Task Editor now behaves better when you are using a mouse wheel

  2. Some goal edits weren’t being synced correctly with Toodledo

Upgrade Now

Go to our TaskAngel Windows page to get the new version. And if you have an existing license, it won’t cost you a penny more.

Keep The Feedback Coming

These improvements all came from your questions and feedback. Please keep them coming.


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