Now Toodledo Sync is Free on TaskAngel iPhone and iPad

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Toodledo Sync Free In v1.6

Toodledo sync is now free of charge on TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad. You no longer have to make an in-app purchase to use it.

We have also reduced the prices of the remaining in-app purchases, and the Pro bundle – which gives you everything – is now only $4.99.

Toodledo sync is free on TaskAngel IOS

​Keep Your Data Safe

Toodledo sync is important because it keeps your data safe. Every time you add a task – or change an existing one – TaskAngel automatically uploads your changes to the Toodledo secure data hub, right away.

Warning – even if you hurl your iPhone into the river, your to-do list is still safe. You can’t make your tasks disappear that way 🙂 You can access them online, or download them to another device.

One To-do List Everywhere​

The other brilliant thing about Toodledo sync is that it lets you run a single to-do list across all your devices. TaskAngel runs on iPhone, iPad, and Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone. Type a new task into just one of them, and it appears like magic on all the other devices.

On other platforms like Mac or Android, use the Toodledo web interface, or try a different Toodledo-enabled app.

Import Export

Toodledo also has fantastic import/export features. Copy everything to and from text files, calendars, and spreadsheets. Interchange with other apps using CSV, JSON and XML. Leverage your TaskAngel to-do list in new ways.

Get It Free Now​

Toodledo sync is free on TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad from version 1.6.

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