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New TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad works with TaskAngel Online

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad is the perfect mobile to-do list

Still great with Toodledo.

Ever since the TaskAngel app was released on Windows and iOS, it has used Toodledo as its main hub for saving tasks and notes. Toodledo is still an excellent choice as a task management service, especially since it now has new owners with an improved vision for how to take it forward.

You can find out more about Toodledo and sign up for an account by tapping this button:

Now with TaskAngel Online.

More recently, we have introduced TaskAngel Online as our new to-do list product. This allows you to keep your tasks and notes online without using a third party product. It also gives us much more freedom to introduce new time management features.

Now I am happy to announce that a new version of TaskAngel for iPhone and iPad is available for download on the Apple App Store. This version can sync with TaskAngel Online as an alternative to Toodledo. Just go to the TaskAngel settings page and select TaskAngel Online as your sync service.

When you start syncing with TaskAngel Online, any existing tasks and notes in your iOS app are merged with TaskAngel Online. This includes any tasks you have typed in yourself, or synced in from Toodledo.

You can learn more about TaskAngel Online here and register as a user. It's a subscription service, with a free trial.

Simplified App Store pricing.

We have also simplified our pricing for TaskAngel on iPhone and iPad. Now you can buy it with a small one-time purchase. This gives you access to all the features of TaskAngel without needing to use in-app purchases. Read more details on our pricing page.

On iPhone and iPad you now have two TaskAngel apps to use. Either the native app from the App Store with a one-time purchase, or TaskAngel Online with a subscription.

If you already have a subscription to TaskAngel Online, and good network coverage for your iPhone and iPad, then TaskAngel Online is your best choice. It runs beautifully on all mobile devices.Otherwise, use the native app and sync with TaskAngel Online or Toodledo as normal.


Andrew Boswell is the author of TaskAngel To-Do List

Andrew Boswell is the author of TaskAngel To-Do List. He spent many years as a project manager in high-tech programmes in the UK, rolling out Internet technology and new customer service systems.

Andrew now works as IT Director of Iconic Project Management Limited, which delivers outstanding construction projects across the commercial sector.

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