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New Release for TaskAngel Windows

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Our new release 3.2 of TaskAngel for Windows provides further improvements for all users. Download it now.

“I am writing to say how pleased I am with the Windows Desktop upgrade. I am a long-time (3 years?) user of TaskAngel, and I like the new version even better than the old one. The new design looks great, but not so different as to be confusing. The process was fast and smooth, and everything is still where I left it (i.e., my filters still work, etc.) Yea!” – Margaret S, Austin

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This is mainly a bug-fix release, but there are some design improvements, as follows:

Design Improvements in our new release

The Note Panel now has a Save button to help secure your text changes. Otherwise, your note edits are saved when you navigate away from the note panel.

The data exchange between TaskAngel and Toodledo now always uses secure protocols when you are syncing. Previously that level of security was only available to Toodledo customers who had paid subscriptions.

Updated 5 December 2017

Build 2962 has a new setting – Auto Column Widths – in the View menu for the Task List. When this is set, TaskAngel automatically sets the column widths. (This is the default setting.)

When Auto Column Widths is unset you are free to make whatever width changes you like.

Bug fixes

As well as your requests for design improvements, you have found several bugs. And you have told us about them, which is crucial. So we have fixed the following issues:

1. TaskAngel generated ‘Welcome to TaskAngel’ tasks when not required.

2. Custom filters didn’t use ‘Undated’ start and due date values correctly.

3. Syncing with Toodeldo did not work properly for tags.

4. The formatting for the tag list was poor.

5. The task counts on the the filter panel weren’t consistent with the number of tasks listed.

6. TaskAngel didn’t always refresh the task list when necessary.

7. Subtasks didn’t show up properly in search results.

8. Changes to notes didn’t always trigger an ‘Instant Sync.’

9. The Note Panel sometimes had the wrong width or height on startup.

10. New folders weren’t always synced to Toodledo

11. An extra check for duplicated folders has been added

12. Some web links weren’t being detected in the note planel

13. The popup for reminders is now the topmost window.

These fixes build on the quality improvements introduced in release 3.1.

Your Feedback Drives Us

Thank you to everyone who told us about these problems, or suggested the design changes. Without your input we wouldn’t be able to move forward.

If you can see a problem with TaskAngel, or if you want an improvement, please let us know.

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