Digital Tools for House-Hunting During the Pandemic

house-hunting via video conference during the pandemic

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Although the Covid pandemic has forced us to put a lot on hold, life must go on. People still need to buy and sell homes! Fortunately, the real estate market is still going strong during the pandemic thanks to the popularity of digital tools like 3D room scanners, video chat services, and e-closing software. If you want to buy a home soon, make sure you take advantage of TaskAngel so you can find the perfect property without compromising anyone’s health!

Preparing Your Finances

Buying a home is a major expense, so make sure you do your financial planning properly. Mortgage estimators and home affordability calculators can help!

● Home search tools like Redfin and Zillow can help you learn about the average sale price for homes in your local market.

● Learn how to calculate your mortgage payments based on different loan types and down payment amounts.

● Calculate your home affordability to determine your maximum mortgage payment and overall home buying budget.

Researching the Area

You can dig up a surprising amount of neighborhood data using websites that track and report crime statistics, walk scores, property taxes, and other important information.

● Google Maps is great for discovering nearby businesses and essential services.

● Use websites like ADT and to research safety and crime information about different neighborhoods.

● The Walk Score website can help you determine the walkability of any address.

● You should also be able to find information about property taxes in different areas.

● Keep track of all the to-dos you need to accomplish using TaskAngel.

House Hunting from a Distance

Virtual house-hunting has exploded in popularity during the pandemic. You can easily house hunt and even close from the safety of home.

● Before you start looking at homes, create a must-have list so you can stay focused on your needs.

● Remember to ask questions about anything that isn’t obvious during your virtual home tours.

● Download a few smartphone apps to help you keep track of listings and save important information as you view different homes.

● Some states allow for remote notarization through e-closing technology, so you may not have to meet the seller in person at all!

If you’re itching to move, don’t feel like you have to wait out the pandemic before buying a new home. Countless virtual tools can help you navigate the home buying process during the age of social distancing, so you should be able to find your dream home despite lockdown limitations or travel restrictions. House hunting online can be a lot of fun!

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