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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

New Release 1.15 of TaskAngel Provides Dark Appearance for iOS

With iOS 13, Apple introduced Dark Appearance as an option on all their iPhones and iPads.

TaskAngel now provides Dark Appearance in our new release for iPhone and iPad, which is now on the App Store for you to download.

We have also re-engineered TaskAngel under the hood, to take advantage of Apple's new technology in the iOS platform. This will make TaskAngel quicker and more reliable, and it will make it easier to provide some of the new features you have been asking for.

To install TaskAngel, you must update your iPhone and iPad to the newest release, and at least to iOS 11. If you want Dark you will need to update to iOS 13, which is Apple's first version to support Dark.

To turn on Dark, go to your device settings, Display & Brightness, and select the Dark Appearance. You can also set options like 'Light Until Sunset' which switches automatically between light and dark every evening.

TaskAngel automatically follows your device settings. So if your device goes dark at night, so does TaskAngel.

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