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Announcing TaskAngel 1.14 for iPhone and iPad

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Even easier to use

TaskAngel 1.14 is now available on the App Store. It has a number of nice improvements that our customers asked for, to make it easier to use.

Now you can sort your tasks by title and by starred status. This adds to the ability to sort by due date, priority, start date, status, folder, context, goal, tag, added date and modified date.

When you complete a repeating task that has no due date, the new task also has no due date.

Scrolling in the task editor has been improved to make it easier to read long notes.

Subtasks are now automatically completed when their parent task completes. Also, we’ve fixed a couple of problems with syncing subtasks.

Download TaskAngel 1.14 from the App Store now! It includes Smart Notes and all the other improvements we added just a few months ago in version 1.13

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