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Taking Notes

Keep everything you need at your fingertips

Keep your notes in TaskAngel To-do List

Information where you need it

When you are doing a project there are lots of little pieces of information you need to refer to again and again.

TaskAngel let you type in those notes as simple text and keep them in your folders. Keep each project in a separate folder so everything is  close at hand.

On your iPhone and iPad, you have the choice of using TaskAngel iOS from the App Store, or TaskAngel Online from this web site.

TaskAngel Online notes use Markdown codes so you can format each note with headings, bold, italics and web links.

If you type the note in TaskAngel iOS, sync so that you can see it right away on your tablet or desktop computer.

TaskAngel iOS also lets you sync with Toodledo. Then you can use third party apps on other devices to get your information from Toodledo.

Each task in TaskAngel To-do List has an embedded note

A note for every task

Each task in TaskAngel has an embedded note that you can use to keep information you might need to refer to as you are doing the task.

Perhaps someone has sent you an email, asking you to do something. Create a task to it, and copy the email into the task's note.

Add more information to the note as you think about what needs to be done, and as you start to make progress.

Taking Notes
TaskAngel To-do List - this goal is achieved when my family is happy, healthy and safe
Family at a Beach

A note for every folder and goal

Each folder and goal has an embedded note. Use this to describe the contents of the folder, and the purpose of the goal.

For example, one of my folders is 'Diabetes' and its note says 'This folder is for my daily log of food, blood glucose and carbs'

One of my goals is 'Family' and its note says 'This goal is achieved when my family is happy, healthy and safe'

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