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About TaskAngel To-Do List

Access your tasks wherever you go

You can keep the same task list on a wide variety of devices, and keep them all in sync. TaskAngel uses Toodledo as its synchronisation hub.

Toodledo is one of the first really popular cloud computing services, where your personal to-do lists are held on a secure server on the other side of the world, and accessed over the web. You can find out all about Toodledo from their web site at If you are already a Toodledo user, you can use TaskAngel with your existing account.

TaskAngel gives you all the richness and immediacy of your own smart phone or PC, with the addition of Toodledo as a synchronization server. This gives you a number of benefits:

Backup: Toodledo acts as a secure backup server. If you lose your local copy of your task list, you can get it back from the server.

On the go: Hand-held devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry have the ability to sync to Toodledo, so you can easy feed changes back and forth between them and TaskAngel.

Work and play: You can keep one copy of your task list on your work PC, and another at home. TaskAngel sync keeps them up to date with each other.

To set up a Toodledo account, please visit their web site. You can get a free account, but a Pro account is recommended. If you want to use subtasks, you must get a Pro account.

You tell TaskAngel about your account details by using Account Settings. Then TaskAngel synchronizes automatically with Toodledo behind the scenes.