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About TaskAngel on iPhone and iPad

Hands Free! Talk To Your To-Do List with TaskAngel

Use your Voice

The latest version of TaskAngel provides automatic import of Apple Reminders. They can be created by Siri, so it gives you a way of using voice commands to create tasks.

Download Version 1.9 Of TaskAngel from the Apple Store right now.

Download TaskAngel on the App Store

Import Apple Reminders

TaskAngel can automatically import Apple reminders. Here’s how to get started:

1. In device settings / Reminders, set the default reminder list. This is where Siri’s reminders go, and where TaskAngel gets its imports from.
2. In TaskAngel settings, switch on 'Import Apple Reminders'. Optionally switch on 'Delete After Import.'
3. If you want TaskAngel to notify you when a reminder is due, set ‘Always Remind When Due.’
4. Now when you create new reminders in the Apple Reminders app TaskAngel will convert them into tasks, and delete them if you chose that option.
5. The reminder alarm date and time become the due date and time for your imported task.
6. Once in TaskAngel they will be just the same as any other tasks, and they will sync across Toodledo and your other devices and PC’s as usual.

Import reminders created with your voice

Use voice command to create tasks

Because Siri can create Apple Reminders, you can use the import feature to flow your voice commands into TaskAngel.

For example, say “Hey Siri, remind me to buy batteries tomorrow” and a new task will appear in TaskAngel saying “Buy batteries” with tomorrow’s due date. It's a great way of remembering things when your hands are full.

Other improvements in this release

  1. All communication with is secure even if you don’t have a paid Toodledo account.
  2. Instead of showing ‘Inbox’ in the task list, we now leave it blank. That makes the task list look better when you aren’t using folders.
  3. The badge count now takes account of your view settings so it is consistent with what you see in the hotlist.
  4. The task counts shown for goals, folders, contexts and tags now also take account of your view settings.

Bug Fixes

Some bugs you told us about have been fixed:

  1. TaskAngel preserves the ’Sync Manually’ setting correctly.
  2. The hotlist setting ‘due by tomorrow’ was letting in tasks due the day after.
  3. TA now re-uses Due times when repeating a task.

Future Proof

Along with all the other improvements, we have verified that TaskAngel works happily with iOS11, and with iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Now see for yourself. Download Version 1.9 Of TaskAngel from the Apple Store right now.

Download TaskAngel on the App Store